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The skipper who responded within minutes to my fishing charters request in Melbourne offered a good price for his charter job. It was much better than going to Google and ringing businesses myself because I know that nboats.com has checked the skippers and that they are keen to do the job and are competing for it against each other.

party boat in sydney

My partner and I hosted our engagement party in Sydney through nboats.com and wow what an event. We dealt with Mavis who was extremely helpful in finding a boat suitable to what we wanted. She was there at every step of the way helping with our catering needs, arranging a time to come hours early on the day to set up.

less money

The price listed on the web is transparent, avoid the uncertainty of any additional costs. With the help of Nboats.com, we rented a yacht in Golden coast, and I have to say Nboats are really professional and serious about yachts. They answered all questions we asked and helped us solved the problems we encountered, and the most important thing is the price is really good. 

luxury boat in melbourne

One of the best experience I have ever had on a super yacht! I exceed all expectations and they day ran smoothly thanks to the highly professional staff on board.We invited 30 friends, set off from docklands, arrived at brighton beach, and saw the lovely rainbow hut on the sea.I highly recommend them and can't wait until we have another excuse to host or attend another event through these guys.

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