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Tasmania 0 luxury yachts, 52 fishing charters available to choose

Tasmania, the only island state in the Commonwealth of Australia, 240 km south of Victoria, separated by the Bass Strait, mainly including the main island of Tasmania. As well as Bruny Island, Golden Island, Flinders Island, Macquarie Island and many coastal islands, it is also known as the “Natural State”. It is also known as the “Island of Apple” and also the “State of Holidays” and “ The Australian version of New Zealand is known for its beauty and simplicity.
Tasmania has crystal clear streams, delicious fish and world-class fishing grounds. It is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts. If you want to experience the fun of fishing on the sea, Tasmanian Sea Fishing Don't miss it!
This sacred place has many marine life such as dolphins, whales, sperm whales and sea turtles, as well as many species of seabird migratory birds like pelicans, blue-faced ostriches and seagulls. Surrounded by a cliff 600 meters high. The island is rich in lobster and abalone, and another 20% is listed as a World Heritage Site. So in the Tasmanian sea fishing, you can not only enjoy fishing, but also enjoy the perfect scenery not found anywhere else.

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Tasmanian Seafood Trip

Tasmanian seafood group is one of Tasmania's most popular cruises. During the itinerary, guests can not only catch fresh seafood by themselves, you could also dive to catch lobsters, abalone and sea urchin in the sea. At noon, we arranged the Australian nat…

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$ 650.00 /hour
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