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Key Largo 0 luxury yachts, 59 fishing charters available to choose

Key Largo fishing has everything you’d hope from the Florida Keys and more. Home to the only living coral reef in mainland United States and the country’s first underwater park, this is *the* place to go if you’re into marine life. It is ‘The Diving Capital of the World,’ and it’s easy to see why. But you don’t need to get your wetsuit on to appreciate the richness of these waters. With the Everglades to the northwest and the reefs to the east, this watery world attracts fish big and small to the nearby waters all year round. And while even the briefest of fishing trips in Key Largo are worthwhile, we guarantee you won’t want to cut your trip short.

Rules & Regulations

Anyone fishing aboard a licensed Key Largo fishing charter will not need to purchase a fishing license. However, licenses are obligatory for Key Largo bridge fishing and shore fishing.

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