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Panama City 0 luxury yachts, 51 fishing charters available to choose

Panama City fishing, as they say, is all about the kids always smiling and the fish always biting. It’s hard to imagine a day when there is no-one on the shore. Each angler, be it a veteran or a seasonal fisherman or a local guide, has their own favorite Panama City marina. You would always find a boat in the water, be it on a mild winter or a hot summer afternoon. But what makes this part of the sunny Florida paradise along the Emerald Coast so popular? 

Overlooking the Panama City fishing opportunities, there is always that type of fishing that will suit any angler’s specific needs. Being home to over 3000 species of fish, birds, and other wildlife, Panama City has something to fish for, look at, and brag about for years to come. It is as simple as that!

Rules & Regulations

A fishing license is not required for anglers fishing aboard a guided boat or a for-hire charter, as long as the vessel has a valid charter captain or charter boat permit.

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