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Tasmanian Seafood Trip

494 Number of experienced Destination:Tasmania Length: 59 feet Capacity: 40 passengers Index
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Tasmanian seafood group is one of Tasmania's most popular cruises. During the itinerary, guests can not only catch fresh seafood by themselves, you could also dive to catch lobsters, abalone and sea urchin in the sea. At noon, we arranged the Australian national BBQ for our guests, blowing sea breeze on the boat, admiring the beautiful scenery, and enjoying it, there is nothing more pleasant. The journey is an exclusive and exquisite small group experience journey, which begins in Hobart's vibrant waterfront, with kitchens, toilets and other facilities on board. With luck, you can also see sea lions and dolphins swimming by the boat. This summer, have you gotten a new game in Catasmania?

Tasmania is the only island state in the Australian Commonwealth. It mainly includes the main island of Tasmania, Bruny Island, and the Golden Island. It is also known as the "Apple Island", with beautiful scenery and simple humanities. Come to Tasmania, embark our yacht, and with the guidance of our experienced captain, you will see the most beautiful city scenery of Hobart from the sea, and cross the oldest original coastline and nature reserve of Tasmania along the way .

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Cruise information

The duration of the trip is around 4.5-5 hours, and the BBQ lunch is included.

09:00  From Ketering Pier, enjoy the natural scenery of cliffs near Wayne Rooney. Various rare seabirds accompany you. If we are lucky, you will find dolphins playing around the yacht.

09:45  Arrive at the fishing spot and anchor in the calm waters of the safe haven. The guide will provide you with a full set of fishing rods, fishing gear & bait, and teach visitors how to fish at sea. Grouper, coral fish, kingfish, cod, flathead catfish and other high-value marine fish are waiting for you.

10:15  Drone aerial photography of guests, playing the landmark of Hobart. Allows guests to share the moments to Wechat instantly.

11:00  Arrive at the dive site. Those with a diving certificate or those who like to dive freely can dive into the water and feel the thrill of being surrounded by lobster, abalone, sea urchin and seafood. If you are lucky, you can catch a few to add dinner for the evening. If you can't dive and want to experience catching lobster abalone, you can ask a 1v1 professional diving instructor to accompany you to the water (at your own expense, you need to contact in advance) ($ 200)

12:00  While enjoying sea fishing / diving, or taking a break, the guide will barbecue with you on the boat. The guide will prepare Tasmanian specialties: salmon, kebabs, chicken wings, specialty snacks, etc.

13:30  Returning to the pier, guests can bring back all the catch. Recommended restaurants to process the day's catch (personal consumption is not included in the package). Experience Tazhou on the tip of your tongue. Lobster and abalone will deeply stimulate your taste buds. The fatigue of going to sea during the day will disappear in a table of seafood feast .

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Food and beverage
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Price details

     Yacht charter rate:$650/hour

     The cost includes:

  • Activities: Admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of Hobart, experience sea fishing / diving, delicious BBQ
  • Tools: fishing tools and bait
  • Meals: Australian BBQ lunch


     The cost does not include:

  • 1v1 diving instructor, accompanied by launch + full equipment rental ($ 200)
  • Individuals rent diving equipment (enter the water yourself, without personal trainer) (please inform at least 3 days in advance)
  • If guests catch the abalone by themselves and want to take it home, they must purchase the Australian Entertainment Fishing Seafood Certificate (purchased from the official website of the government, about $ 65 / year)
  • After the trip, recommend restaurants to process seafood
  • Other: personal consumption
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● Once order is confirmed, please find the Refund Clause for the date change or cancellation.

● Once order is confirmed, the extra services could not be cut, and the bill should be paid according to the contracted items. If your want to add more services or waiters, please inform us 5 days ahead of ETD(Estimated time of departure).

● All passengers should be assembled at the boarding place 15 minutes ahead of ETD. If the yacht can not departure on time for your reasons, you shall be responsible for the cost for but not limited to yacht berthing, captain and crew, fuel and etc.

● If you plan to bring any appliances (but not limited to sound system, cooking equipments, large equipments), please inform us in advanced otherwise the yacht owner have the right of refusal of your embarkation.

● During the charter, if the facility is damaged in any way, the hirer is responsible for paying the repair costs. If any equipment, appliances, devices or other property are damaged, broken (except normal wear and tear), stolen or removed, the hirer also shall pay the cost of repairs or repurchases of related items.

● Passengers are responsible for the safety and security of any property brought onboard by themselves. Nboat.com is not responsible for any damage or theft on the charter boat, but could help to report to police on behalf of them.

● Considering the safety at sea, please comply with the safety rules and captain orders while you are at sea.

● Please be recommended to bring your outdoor coat, hat, sunscreen cream, umbrella, necessary food and regular medicine. Please be advised to take anti-seasick medicine 1 hour before embarkation the yacht.

● All the listed yachts have purchased commercial insurance policy as required by local legislation, which are mainly in the boat owner’s interests. We highly recommend you to buy an additional yacht cruising or tourist policy on your own interest. Please contact service for details.

● Please find the Refund Clause for the Heavy Weather arrangement

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Order process

Private yacht charter

Step1: Select the favorite yacht according to the destination and purpose.

Step2: Contact the service personnel to check the availability of the yacht, and pay 30% deposit.

Step3: Receive the confirmation Email or message, complete the remaining 70% payment and the platform delivers the voyage Confirmation Letter.

Step4: Proceed to the boarding location, and start the sea voyage.

Private fishing charter

Step1: Select the type of fishing boat, time length according to the destination, and complete the prepayment.

Step2: The platform delivers the order automatically, and the qualified captains nearby compete for the order.

Step3: The platform issues the Confirmation Letter including the information about boarding location, time, captain and contact details.

Step4: Proceed to the boarding location, and start the fishing voyage.

If you need to book a fishing boat, enter fishing charters module to book a sea fishing trip. When you have any question, please contact customer service directly.

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