Sydney 17 luxury yachts, 72 fishing charters available to choose

Sydney is such a unique city in so many ways and with the magnificent Sydney Harbour being the local playground for residents and visitors all year around it is no wonder that boat hire plays such a big role.  We have a water culture like no where else in the world in Sydney, and boat hire is the go-to option for events of all kinds.

Sydney Harbour is the boat hire capital of Australia and with so many luxury boats on offer, and so much water to enjoy them on it is no wonder.  People from all walks of life take advantage of the boat hire opportunities we have here and they always end up with a memorable experience. The Sydney Harbour party cruises and the yacht charter Sydney scene just keeps getting more and more exciting every year and the team at nboats are all about providing you with long lasting memories of a wonderful experience on the Harbour.

It doesn’t get much more iconic than Sydney Harbour. And there’s no better way of taking it all in than by boat. As far as holiday hacks go, taking a fishing trip in Sydney is a pretty big one. Not only do you get to enjoy choice views of the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge, you will be able to catch a very diverse selection of fish. If you’re lucky, you could even come up close and personal to breaching Humpback Whales, too.

Sydney Harbour is the most sheltered harbour in all of Australia. Everything from Bonito to Kingfish, Salmon, and Tailor drops in on this huge expanse of water during the year, and we don’t blame them. With calm waters most of the year round, this watery playground is pretty pleasant for people, too.


Hot luxury yacht

36feet Yacht in Sydney Harbor 1494 People experienced
Length: 36 feet
Capacity:12 Passengers
$375.00 /hour
Length: 44 feet
Capacity:12 Passengers
$325.00 /hour
114feet Super Yacht in Sydney 1341 People experienced
Length: 114 feet
Capacity:12 Passengers
$2750.00 /hour
Length: 56 feet
Capacity:30 Passengers
$675.00 /hour
Length: 79 feet
Capacity:60 Passengers
$800.00 /hour
Length: 86 feet
Capacity:47 Passengers
$950.00 /hour Best Price Guarantee
112feet party boat in Sydney 858 People experienced
Length: 112 feet
Capacity:750 Passengers
$1550.00 /hour
Luxary Yacht 72feet in Sydney 1160 People experienced
Length: 72 feet
Capacity:35 Passengers
$1200.00 /hour
98ft Super Yacht in Sydney 873 People experienced
Length: 98 feet
Capacity:80 Passengers
$2250.00 /hour

What our customers say

What our customers say

Darnell Kingsley
Three days ago
Total enjoyed the fishing experience today. Matt and Adam are absolutely amazing. Always helping, even when many of our friends don't speak English. We got loads of fish and Matt clean up all of them for us.
Berneice Somers
One day ago
It was a great day all round. There was about 11 people fishing on the boat, so there was a few tangles but nothing the crew couldn't fix quickly. We caught a decent amount of fish.
Carey Harriman
Five days ago
The boat was awesome! The captain and crew made sure our experience was nothing but fun and very accommodating to what we requested all whilst keeping us safe!
Kidada Tamar
Two days ago
The boat was awesome! The captain and crew made sure our experience was nothing but fun and very accommodating to what we requested all whilst keeping us safe! The speed was not too fast, and we had a fantastic time for the Sydney harbor cruise! Thanks Nboats!
Michael Wilkinson
Three days ago
Highly appreciate nboats excellent customer service. Alex was so friendly, attentive and super professional. We contacted Alex in a short time and was anxious about the available of the yacht we wanted. Thanks